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Chief Canine Product Taster

Our Pets’ Kitchen was born because of our rescued husky, Servo. Servo was continually sick with digestive problems to the point where he refused to eat. Even when I would sit on the floor with him to try to entice him with a handful of a mix of his “premium” kibble and canned food, he would only take a few nibbles. We would take Servo to the veterinarian about once a month for these digestive issues and each time he was prescribed antibiotics and powdered probiotics. The medications would temporarily make him a little better, but inevitably, after a few days without antibiotics, his illness would return. The veterinarian eventually suggested multiple advanced tests, costing thousands of dollars. From my college days as a nutrition major, I understood the importance and direct correlation between nutritious food and overall wellness.

Happy Customers

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About four months after my girl's 14th birthday I noticed she wasn't acting her normal self.  The healthy girl I know and love was struggling to do her normal daily routines such as even eat her food. I knew changes had to be made to help accommodate my girl's seasoned stage of life better.  I came across so much material regarding the importance of diet, especially in the "golden" years of dogs. It was after a trip to our vet that I came across an Our Pet's Kitchen brochure. I was elated to find an answer for my girl's sudden struggle to eat!! Lesa has been the most sweet and informative breathe of fresh air to helping my girl's appetite and overall health get back on track. Mary Jane absolutely loves her food from Our Pets' Kitchen.  I love the variety, convenience, and most of all mental reassurance that my girl is being fed nutritious healthy food that she LOVES to boot!! THANK YOU SO MUCH OPK!!

Mary Jane

Simone can be very picky and sometimes goes without eating her dinner for 2 days. Well last night when I took OPK from the refrigerator she actually came into the kitchen  and was very interested in what I was making.  She had never done that.  Well when I put it down for her she scarfed it right up! I was one happy mama!


Riley absolutely loves her Our Pets' Kitchen meals!  Riley has had some anxiety issues leading to weight loss which affected her coat and demeanor. After trying medications which were difficult to get her to ingest due to the appetite issues, we gave Our Pets' Kitchen foods a try. Riley couldn't get to her bowl fast enough and looked to us for more!  She has put back on the weight she lost and her coat is shiny and healthy again.  She is also less anxious and much more friendly with everyone she meets, almost like a puppy again. People cannot believe she is nine years old. We definitely recommend Our Pets' Kitchen foods for your pets.


Waffles started on OPK in the Spring 2018 and the transition was seamless!  Switching her over slowly, she very quickly started eating the OPK food first, leaving the other stuff for last.  We are set up for auto-delivery and they deliver right to our door, every 2 weeks, and we always have 2+ bags of food in reserve.  Waffles doesn’t discriminate, she goes CRAZY for it all!  Our pet sitter knows the routine and even she says the food looks good enough to eat!


I had been looking for a better food source for Momo and Booboo for some time. They are senior cats and I have been worried about the quality of even the highest end store bought food. When Momo had some slightly elevated kidney test results it made me think about preparing their food myself but the task seemed too daunting. At that point in time Sister in law told me that she had starting given OPK to her dog and was very happy with the results. After the first shipment the cats (and I) were hooked. I feel great about the amazing quality of Lesa's product, i see a noticeable difference in their coats and they are very happy with both the Chicken & Fish and Turkey recipes for cats. The only issue is now have to be more vigilant about them sneaking to each other's dishes :)

Momo & Booboo

Samson is our 14 year old black lab mix.  He LOVES the OPK food!  He gets fed twice a day and he gets so excited when it is time to eat.  As an older guy he has arthritis in his hips, since switching him to OPK, he has trimmed down to a healthy weight, thus putting less stress on his hips.   Lesa does a great job educating us on how our pets should eat, she is very knowledgeable and LOVES animals, yes she actually cares!