Chief Canine Product Taster

Our Pets’ Kitchen was born because of our rescued husky, Servo. Servo was continually sick with digestive problems to the point where he refused to eat. Even when I would sit on the floor with him to try to entice him with a hand full of a mix of his “premium” kibble and canned food, he would only take a few nibbles. Servo was at the Veterinarian about once a month for these digestive issues and each time he was prescribed antibiotics and powdered probiotics. The medications would temporarily make him a little better, but inevitably, after a few days without antibiotics, his digestive issues would return. The Veterinarian eventually suggested multiple advanced tests, costing thousands of dollars. From my college days as a nutrition major, I understood the importance and direct correlation between nutritious food and overall wellness.

I spent hundreds of hours researching and reading every pet nutrition book and all the credible pet nutrition information I could find. I became completely appalled and literally cried at what I discovered about commercial kibble and canned pet foods:

I vowed to never again serve commercial pet food to our beloved pets. We began purchasing all fresh ingredients: meats, vegetables, and fruits at our local grocery store. Once we began to make this homemade, real dog food, not only did Servo immediately become very excited about it and gobble down every last morsel without any coaxing, but all of his intestinal health problems healed instantly! Now he only visits the veterinarian once a year for his wellness exam.

We also have two cats, Tonga and Kiki. Tonga has Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and has also benefited from Our Pets’ Kitchen cat food.


Chief Finnicky Feline Product Tester


Co-Chief Finnicky Feline Product Tester

Just like humans are more susceptible to sickness and diseases based on a poor diet, so are our beloved pets. We believe Our Pets’ Kitchen gently cooked, real food for dogs and cats is the healthiest pet food available. After more than 20 years climbing the corporate ladder, I have traded in my business suit for an apron. Our mission is to improve pet nutrition for as many dogs and cats as possible.